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Hello, Hamptons!

by Cloe - Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day weekend is soon approaching which means one thing — the days of cold weather and grey skies are behind us and Hamptons season is officially here! I can almost feel the sand beneath my toes and the sun on my back as I plan my summer getaway away from the heat and sweat of pavement and grind!

One thing to always remember about a Hampton's vacation? Always, ALWAYS, book hotel reservations way in advance. Now don't get me wrong the scene at Ruschmeyer's and Surf Lodge is definitely something to see...but sometimes I crave a vacation that I actually feel rested after. Which is why The Baker House is the perfect place for me (a hidden gem, some might say)! The Baker House is a cute little bed and breakfast, with old rustic style rooms and connections to a beautiful vineyard and spa. If you're looking to be treated like royalty (and who isn't?), then you can't beat this spot! The staff is always amazing and the breakfast is to die for. I love to order the blueberry pancakes and espresso, delicious!

The Hamptons can get very toasty over the summer months, and what better way to stay hydrated than a refreshing glass (or hey, why not a bottle) of Rose? Wolffer Estate Vineyard is one of the most beautifully scenic vineyards I have ever visited. They offer free tastings all day and live music on weekends. Their wine stand offers a casual and relaxing ambiance and the most spectacular view of the sunset can be seen from the vineyard.

To add a little excitement to my otherwise lounge worthy weekend I always hit up the Bridgehampton Polo Club. Finally, the perfect excuse to pull out my favorite floppy hat. Expect to see some A-list celebs and socialites out at these matches (But hey, I think I can hold my ground!). Between the horses and the booze things can get a little rowdy and always makes for an exciting afternoon.

I can hardly contain my excitement... now I just need to find the perfect dress to go with my floppy hat!

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Let’s party like it’s '99… degrees, that is

by Cloe - Friday, April 10, 2015

Let’s party like it’s '99… degrees, that is.

At times like this, when it’s so cold outside that a new Ice Bucket Challenge sounds like something that would actually warm you up, it’s hard to believe that spring will eventually come. But sooner than we know it we’ll be sitting there, sipping on whatever mixologists have deemed the "must-have summer concoction", complaining about the heat :) I can’t wait! This weekend I’m kicking off the summer season, and I will do it the only way a New Yorker knows how: with a rooftop barbecue with all my friends!


When it comes to Entertaining (yes, capital E), I’m an old-school gal. So while texting is normally my #1 form of communication, every now and then I like to go all out and send out formal invitations. That means I’m heading over to Pink Olive to have some custom invites made! This spot has some really unique, letterpress stationery, and I love to stop by whenever I can.


Now, for the main players: meat and beer. The East Village Meat Market is my #1 spot for sausages, hamburgers and additional condiments, and I can’t get enough of that old-school, feels-like-the-40s-vibe! Every time I get close to this place, my vegetarianism immediately gets put on hold. Sorry, not sorry.


A couple of streets down is Good Beer, with everything you need to ensure your guests stay hydrated and happy. Stock up on both domestic and international, hard-to-find craft labels, and don’t hesitate to ask for help – these guys know what they’re doing. If you can’t wait until you get home, they also have some great beers on tap ready for tasting! 


I can practically feel the heat! How are you planning on kicking off summer?


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by Cloe - Sunday, April 05, 2015

Ever since I discovered Skandicrush last year, I’ve been thinking about Scandinavia...beyond IKEA! I mean, their design is evidently the bomb, but what else have they got – and how do I get a hold of it in LA?

When I asked my blonde friends (come on, it’s not a stereotype if it’s true!) and they all said the same thing: TRY THE CANDY! So yesterday, I headed over to Sockerbit, aka the candy store to end all candy stores. This little spot, supposedly imitating the real Nordic deal, lets you pick and mix from over 100 different types of candy, and you pay by weight. Even their candy stores are designed with clean, thoughtful design!


As I started coming down from my sugar high (you didn’t actually think I was going to leave that brightly colored wonderland empty-handed?), I realized I was getting hungry. My growing stomach led me to a wine bar named Gravlax, which clearly sounded a little strange. Wine from Scandinavia? Turns out no, the wines are indeed from more southern latitudes, but the food is Scandinavian. And Turkish. That’s a new innovative fusions for ya! I decided to turn down the Swedish meatballs and went straight for the Toast Skagen. Delicious! After trying this shrimp-caviar-mayonnaise creation, let’s just say a simple cheese toast will no longer cut it.


My day was clearly on the road (autobahn? Or is that only in Germany?) towards becoming Scandinavian-themed. So why not finish it off the right way? My favorite masseuse over at Raven Spa happens to specialize in Swedish massages, and, I mean.. a massage on a day like today is a given! An hour later I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to call it a day. Scandinavia, you’ve got some good stuff.


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Mad Men in New York

by Cloe - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mad Man is back, but believe it or not, that’s only the second most exiting thing happening this week. Topping the list is, of course, the Mad Men Dining Week! No, seriously: 34 restaurants across New York are celebrating the return of Mr. Draper by offering two cocktails or a two course prix-fixe lunch for just $19.69 (because, get it?). Needless to say, it’s time to pour yourself a whiskey (neat, of course) and get dressed up for the occasion.

You see, of the things that Mad Men has taught me, the most important lesson is that you can pull off chartreuse if it's done with style (the second most important of course being "you need three ingredients to make a cocktail, unless it’s an emergency in which case vodka and Mountain Dew will cut it”). I mean, who thought we’d once again be swooning over crisp spread collars? Me neither, but trust me: I'm not the only girl dreaming about clean-shaven men in slim fit suits these days. So guys, let’s kick off your Mad Men transformation, shall we?


Now, I know it might sound unlikely but I promise you will be able to order a coffee in Williamsburg even without a beard, so why not start your day off with an appointment at Persons of Interest? Mainly because they are amazing, but also because you can sip cocktails while you get your shave, old-school style! I will even pretend to laugh at your joke about how "these guys put the bar in barbershop.” I know, I know, I’m the best...


Lookin' groovy! Now, let’s to the fun part: the clothes! I think we can both agree that Don Draper would never even look at your shirts — you know, the ones that used to be white?, let alone wear them. I know those stains are from spaghetti sauce and in some strange twisted way that’s kind of cute, but it's time to upgrade: Check out Wolves Within for all your basics and some pretty cool accessories!


Alright, time to jet over to Lord Willy’s. This is the store for the dandy inside of you! Just walk past all the super expensive furniture in the front of the store, to get to the incredibly dapper suits in the back. They specialize in bespoke suits but also have a great deal on custom shirts.


Wow, look at you! It would most definitely be a shame not to air your new look tonight! How about a round of drinks at Delmonico’s? They’re featuring a “Peggy” cocktail and I hear it’s quite delicious..

Here’s to partying like it’s 1969!


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Flower Crowns, Sunsets, and Indio

by Cloe - Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I've been so busy lately that SXSW came and went and I totally missed it! So...I'm moving on to flower crowns, sunsets, and memories to last a life time. Yes, you guessed it I am getting ready to head over to Coachella! I went back in 2007 but I've heard it's morphed into a whole new animal. As you know by now, I am one to try new things and am always looking for a good time ; ) Naturally, I have to see what all this hype is about!

First things first, Coachella means three days in the dessert, which means I simply had to find the perfect tent. I stopped over at Tent & Trails to pick out what is going to be my new home for a weekend. This shop is a hidden gem! I always feel like I'€™m walking into a little antique shop with one of a kind treasures perfect for a one of a kind soul like me (yes, even a tent can be an expression of yourself). 

After purchasing my tent, I set out to get my camera repaired. If a girl like me is going to spend time in the dessert, away from my usual days of sipping coffee and exploring city streets, then it'€™s gotta be documented. I headed over to Marty's Camera Repair to give my main man Marty a visit! He is a genius when working a camera. He fixed my lenses and assured me that I would now be able to take the perfect sunset concert shots (What more could you want, am I right?).

As I headed home I passed Sterling Fell Florist, my all time favorite flower shop in Manhattan. How could I go home without ordering my flower crown?! (After all, isn'€™t Coachella all about who has the best crowns anyways?). The staff is always super friendly and they helped me create the most beautiful sunflower and daisy crown that screams cali vibes!

Speaking of Cali, aka the land of sunshine and amazing weather, all of the time, I needed a killer pair of sunglasses. There is no place better than In God We Trust for the hottest new styles of shades. Coachella is all about trying out unique accessories and styles. They have the most amazing, vintage pieces of jewelry and bracelets.

I feel totally ready to take on Indio and rock this festival! Now I should probably go learn how to pitch that tent. 

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W is for wellness

by Cloe - Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Don't get me wrong, I love the weekends... A bottomless Mimosa brunch followed by a stop at Humphry Slocombe – (yes, sometimes "balanced eating" means one ice cream cone in each hand) The only part I don't love is the mid week slump that inevitably follows. So, today, I'm changing my Stars! There’s something so refreshing about starting a day off just right. Ever since I first touched ground in SF, “just right” has meant an early morning Power Yoga class at Pad Studios. Nothing like an a.m. Namaste sesh to reset the tone for the week!

 After a refreshing yoga class, I tend to want to keep the good vibes going. That means hitting up my favorite juice bar, Living Greens. Now, I could talk about juice all day, but here’s the lowdown: not all stuff is created equal (looking at you, Ocean Spray!). You want to make sure your juice is FRESHLY pressed, made from organic veggies, and not heated up - that ruins the enzymes. That’s why I’m willing to Uber it halfway across town to get my juice just how I like it! For a super healthy kick, try the Zeus Juice - it’s not sweet at all, so you know it’s extra good for you. 

As I was walking home, I remembered that I had invited a couple of newfound friends over for dinner. In a city like San Francisco, it’s safe to assume at least one of your dinner guests will be gluten free, one will be vegetarian, and there’s most certainly also at least one Paleo enthusiast. What to make? A salad, of course (Cheat sheet HERE, for those of us who love hearty salads but haven’t actually made one since… ever). So before heading home, I decided to head over to Rainbow Grocery to stock up on some organic produce. It makes me feel real good to know this store is all about natural, vegetarian and organic stuff, and the staff is so helpful! 

Not to toot my own horn, but the salad was delicious; and approved across the diet board! My dinner party was a perfect ending to my healthy Wednesday - I’m already looking forward to the next one! Txt me, Cloe 


Southern in the City

by Cloe - Friday, February 27, 2015

Horses, Hats and Mint Juleps — Get Southern in this City!

I’ve never been much for ruts. I feel best when I’m doing something new, and that is exactly why I’m dressing up like a proper southern belle and betting on some ponies today!


I simply had to get the perfect hat before heading to the track. I stopped by Hats on Post to pay a visit to my gal, Peggy, the shop’s owner. She’ll never rush you while making your decision. (And who can rush such a decision?!) After you’ve found the hat of your dreams, Peggy will alter it to fit you. Plus she’ll add accents to make it one of a kind!


(Hats on Post is ladies only, but you gents out there should check out Goorin Brothers.)


Hat in tow, it’s time to head to the Golden Gate Fields Racetrack in charming Berkeley and try my luck. On Sundays, they do $1 admission, $1 beers and $1 bets. What a steal!


After successfully picking the best ponies (regardless of whether or not they actually win, obviously), I make my way back into the city to get my mint julep fix. Hard Water serves up the best one in town, along with a killer pimento cheeseburger. Not to mention the incredible view and the fabulous company (The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg offices are right next door).


If you’re looking for another Southern-influenced haunt, you should check out Alembic. Order the Southern Exposure, a delightful little concoction made with gin, fresh mint, limejuice and celery. In terms of eats, I think the Albacore melt has the perfect amount of Gruyere.


It was a perfectly Southern day, right here in the city!

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An NYC summer day in February

by Cloe - Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oh Winter. At its finest, you picture hot cider, fuzzy socks and Netflix marathons. But then you look outside and see the world covered in a blanket of grayish snow and slush, which, unfortunately, happens to match the gray sky above. Sometimes it seems like winter will never leave. Especially in February.

But no need to fear! Even though I’ve been out West for a bit, I’ve still got your back in NYC. There are plenty of ways to have your own kind of “summer” day in New York to dispel the doldrums of February.


For starters, the best way to get me off the couch is the idea of buying something new! (And sometimes you just need to treat yourself, right?)


For your pseudo-summer day, I recommend starting out the day by heading to Letarte Swimwear. There you can find Maui-based swimwear that comes in so many bright colors, with cover-ups and seashell bracelets that aren’t cheesy!


After getting beach-ready, you’re probably thinking, hey, I need to get some sand under these toes. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the beach for that to happen! You can stay right in the city and bury your feet in the sand any time of year. All you need to do is head over to Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, where you’ll find the only indoor sand volleyball court in NYC. Drag your friends off the couch, don your new suit and go get your bump, set, spike on!


With a day pass at Sports Center ($50/day) you’ll get access to the centers many other amenities, which includes a huge pool and a sauna in the locker rooms. I, personally, love to sweat out my toxins on the regular.


Once you and your friends have had enough frolicking in the sand and you’ve rejuvenated in the sauna, head over to the Sunken Harbor Club, which I’ve found is the best way to start a hangover. They have a tiki-themed night every Thursday, starting at 5:30 p.m. (Don’t worry. It goes way into the wee hours for you night owls.) Relish in the warm glow of tiki torches (a must), music and all of the fixings you need to forget about winter and bask in the glow of warmer days to come.


Even though it may look cold and dreary out, you can still have a great summery day right in the city. Now go pry yourself away from your bed and get going on your summer day!




Hello San Francisco!

by Cloe - Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hey there, San Francisco. There’s a new girl in town. And I can’t wait to meet you!

I'm Cloe. I recently came here all the way from the East Coast. No need to be jealous though — I love you both equally!

Although I just got to San Francisco, I already know this city like the inside of my purse. Actually, I probably know the city better, because my purse tends to be a mess. Passports, nail polish, boxing gloves. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We are going to have a seriously epic time here. My friends text me to find the best bars, coffee shops and yoga places. (I even know that new looks-shady-but-smells-heavenly little bakery downtown. Or is it a gallery? Who knows.) All I know is I can’t wait to share my latest discoveries with you!

You could say I’m a walking phone book, but that would not only be an understatement but also a seriously dated reference.

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Valentine's Day

by Cloe - Saturday, February 14, 2015

Left in the Lurch on Valentine’s Day? No problem.

Ahh Valentine’s Day. A time of flowers, food and romance. But for you procrastinators out there, it just might be your worst nightmare.

But no need to stress if you find yourself without a place to take your boo this Valentine’s Day! I’ve got you covered.

Check out these charming finds and finally make those reservations. (Probably best not to put it off any longer)


La Trappe

If you want to get your comfort food on, check out La Trappe in Russian Hill. Don’t be fooled by what you see when you walk in. Take the stairs down and you’ll discover an intimate little brick room that serves up incredible Belgian food.

They’re still taking reservations for their pre-fixed dinner, which includes some kick-ass beer. They’ll have six kegs of Allagash and New Belgium for $65 per person.


La Trappe 800 Greenwich Street San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 440-8727




Mission Bowling Club

I know what you’re thinking. Smelly shoes and public humiliation on Valentine’s Day? My date may not be all-too thrilled with that. But have you seen this place? It. Is. Gorgeous. Plus any date with an activity is a YES in my book!

What’s more is that this place, along with being the most beautiful bowling club you’ve ever seen (but seriously), serves a full dinner. A full dinner, people! Check out their burger, it’s one of the best burgers in the city.


Mission Bowling Club

3176 17th Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 863-2695




Star Belly

If you’re looking for a brunch date with some fresh air, check out Star Belly, located in the heart of the Castro. This place has an awesome outdoor patio located at the back of the restaurant (it’s even heated).

You can also get their unbelievable dinner. The menu is pre-fix, but they’ll also be serving their regular menu, so you can have what your heart desires. Believe me, everything on their brunch menu is delicious (especially the Sunnyside Joe’s).


Star Belly 3583 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 252-7500



I’ve made a reservation for 8 p.m. on Valentine’s Day under the name “Cloe” at each of these places, just in case you get in a jam. I told you I had your back, didn’t I?








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